The Admission Process at UAJK

Each year admission is offered in graduate as well as post graduate programs. The Registrar office issues Admission Notice/Advertisement/ Schedule. The advertisements are published in local as well as national news papers.

There are two methods of applying at UAJK. One out of two should be selected.

Online Admissions

Online admission activity can be divided into following steps.

Step#01: Basic Registration Process

Step#02: Provide Personal Information

Step#03: Provide Educational Information

Step#04: Apply For Program(s) You Are Interested In

Step#05: Generate/Print Challan Forms of Your Application(s)

Step#06: Pay Fee Against Those Challans

Step#07: Provide Fee deposit Information

Step#08: Print Application(s)

Step#09: Attach all required documents including challan form with each copy of application form and send them to Directorate of Students' Affairs.

It is mandatory for the applicants who are applying online that they must send printed copy(ies) of their application(s) to the office of Directorate of Students´ Affairs or to their concerned Campus.

On system generated challans, the cost of first form will be Rs. 1900/. Any subsequent form (2nd, 3rd, 4th..) will cost you Rs. 600/- per form.

If you are applying for a program which requires an entry test. The entry test fee will be included in system generated challan of that application and you don´t need to pay the entry test fee against any separate challan.

Payment of fee (Rs. 1900) against first challan is mandatory. Your application will not be accepted if you ignored the first challan and paid fee against 2nd, 3rd etc challans.

For multiple applications, make each set of application before sending to the Directorate of Students´ Affairs. For example: if you applied for two programs i.e. MSc (Chemistry) and MSc (Zoology). Take two prints of your application form, attach all required documents including the challan form copy of each application and send them to Directorate of Students´ Affairs.

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Offline Admissions

  1. The prospectus and application forms can be obtained from Directorate of Students’ Affairs, University of AJ&K, admission office Neelum Campus (Athmuqam) or Jhelum Valley Campus (Hattian Bala), against the payment of Rs. 1900/- through HBL Challan available at authorized branches in AJ&K or alternatively, by sending Bank draft of  Rs. 2000/- from any bank, in the name of Director Finance & Planning University of AJ&K.
  2. Candidate applying for more than one departments/ categories should deposit Rs. 600/- per additional form. Complete applications should reach to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs on or before the last date for submission of application forms.
  3. The applicants related to Neelum and Jhelum Valley Campus should submit their application forms directly to their concerned campuses. The application forms can also be downloaded from the University website The HBL Bank Challan or Bank Draft of required amount must be attached with Application Form, otherwise the form will not be entertained.


Entry Test:

For admissions in the undergraduate (BS 4-year, M.A/ M.Sc.) programs where entry test is mandatory, The applicant will separately deposit Rs. 600/- as entry test fee and submit  Fee Challan/ Bank draft along with the Application Form in the DSA office or concerned campuses. In case applicant is applying for more than one program, he/ she shall deposit Rs. 200/- as entry test fee for each additional program).


List of programs offered at UAJK is as follows


  1. B. Tech Electrical
  2. B.Com (Honors)
  3. B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary (4-year)
  4. B.Ed. (Hons.) Secondary (4-year)
  5. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  6. BBA
  7. BS (Allied Health Sciences)
  8. BS (Botany)
  9. BS (Chemistry)
  10. BS (Computer Science)
  11. BS (Economics)
  12. BS (Electrical Engineering)
  13. BS (English)
  14. BS (International Relation)
  15. BS (Islamic Studies)
  16. BS (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  17. BS (Kashmir Studies)
  18. BS (Mathematics)
  19. BS (Physics)
  20. BS (Psychology)
  21. BS (Sociology)
  22. BS (Software Engineering)
  23. BS (Statistics)
  24. BS (Urdu)
  25. BS (Zoology)
  26. BS Applied Geology
  27. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  28. Islamic Economy & Banking
  29. LLB (5 Year)


  1. B.Ed (1.5 Year)
  2. B.Ed (2.5 Year)
  3. M.A (English)
  4. M.A Islamic Studies
  5. M.A Urdu
  6. M.Com
  7. M.Sc. (Chemistry)
  8. M.Sc. (Economics)
  9. M.Sc. (Kashmir Studies)
  10. M.Sc. (Mathematics)
  11. M.Sc. (Physics)
  12. M.Sc. (Psychology)
  13. M.Sc. (Sociology)
  14. M.Sc. (Statistics)
  15. M.Sc. (Zoology)
  16. Master in Computer Science
  17. MSc (Botany)


  1. PhD. (Biotechnology)
  2. PhD. (Botany)
  3. PhD. (Chemistry)
  4. PhD. (Computer Science)
  5. PhD. (Economics)
  6. PhD. (English)
  7. PhD. (Geology)
  8. PhD. (Mathematics)
  9. PhD. (Physics)


  1. M.Phil (Biotechnology)
  2. M.Phil (Education)
  3. M.Phil (Electrical Engineering)
  4. M.Phil (Islamic Studies)
  5. M.Phil (Kashmir Studies)
  6. M.Phil. (Botany)
  7. M.Phil. (Chemistry)
  8. M.Phil. (Economics)
  9. M.Phil. (English)
  10. M.Phil. (Mathematics)
  11. M.Phil. (Physics)
  12. M.Phil. (Statistics)
  13. M.Phil. (Zoology)
  14. MS (Computer Science)
  15. MS (Geology)



Admissions are Closed. The admission advertisement is attached

Application Processing Fee

  Programs With Entry Test Programs Without Entry Test
Prospectus Fee/Application Processing Fee 1900/- 1900/-
Entry Test Fee 600/-  
Additional Form Fee (Per Form)(If Any) 600/- 600/-